Bride & Groom

  • Our cottage is in Rosemary Beach and the address is 45 Abaco Lane
  • We are closest to Walkover A - at the end of Windward Lane

Rosemary Beach

  • Within Rosemary, the beach is only accessible with a pass card (1 per house so not shareable with guests)
  • If you aren't staying in Rosemary, you could park at Inlet Beach and enter the beach there and walk up to Rosemary along the beach! Very short distance
  • If you’re staying in Seacrest, you also should also plan to enter the beach at Seacrest and walk along the beach down to Rosemary. Also a short distance.
  • There are 4 community pools within Rosemary Beach that are accessible to renters with a pass card
  • Rosemary Beach is open container! Most restaurants will serve you to-go drinks
  • Chairs: You can bring your own beach chairs or you can rent chairs and umbrellas at Rosemary Beach. You will need to provide your property’s individual beach access code, a cc number, and the name of your cottage, as well as the walkover you would like your chairs to be set up each day.
  • Bikes: very bike friendly community! You can rent bikes from Peddlers 30A along with many other places. Most house rentals come with bikes, for example our house comes with 5 bikes so double check if yours does!


Seaside (where the ceremony is):

  • Daytime visitors in Seaside can park in Smolian Circle
  • 700 ft walk to the Chapel at Seaside - our ceremony location
  • Parking info HERE


  • On-street parking requires a parking pass
  • Off-street (driveway/garage) parking is restricted to homeowners and renters and does not require a parking pass
  • There is some public parking near the circle (both north and south of 30a)
  • Full parking policy outlined HERE